Incubators: As a part of the new initiatives taken up by the Corporation Incubators have been set up at some of the District Resource Centers. Incubators are fully equipped production units that are hired by the eligible women groups or individual women at nominal charges to begin their production and business. These incubators help support then till they are capable of establishing their own set up. The existing Incubators cover activities like baking, sari rolling, food processing, hosiery, embroidery, dress manufacturing, etc.

It is proposed to diversified activities taken up by district centers (DMSVKs) so that the girls and women are exposed to various developments that are taken place in their concerned field of activities.

The Corporation is setup for taking up activities which will empower the women and give them better economical status, for this purpose the production units have to be provided with forward and backward linkages, apart from providing skill up-gradation was taken.

Skill Up-gradation Courses:

The existing handicrafts/other activities have to be given suitable technological inputs, so that the product is made attractive and at the same time with the lesser cost, the reduction of the production cost will enhance the profit margin of the artisan.

The services specialists will be utilized for this purpose and the skill up-gradation course will be conducted in the districts.

The annual cost of the courses is estimated to be Rs.25.00 lakhs.

Computer Classes:

The women in different age groups have to be exposed to the handling of computers and Internet, for this purpose computer centers have to be setup in the DMSVKs and other locations which can be easily accessed by the girls and women. In each district at least 4 centers are to be established apart from the centralized DMSVKs.

At DMSVKs 10 nos. of computers and at other centers 5 nos. of computers are proposed to be established.

For all the districts the no.of computers that are to be setup

230 in DMSVKs

460 in other centers

690 total

The initial cost for setting up of the computers will be Rs.30000/- x 690 = Rs. 2,07,00,000/-.

The recurring cost for the maintenance and up-gradation of the computers is estimated to be Rs. 34,50,000/-.

The recurring cost for the course material and remuneration to the Instructors will be Rs.20,000/- x 12 x 23 = Rs. 55,20,000/-.

Short Term Courses (below 3 months):

For the short term courses in various activities such as Printing, Embroidery etc. the estimated cost is Rs.3,00,000/- per center which works out to be Rs. 69,00,000/-.

Long Term Courses (beyond 3 months):

For the long term courses in various activities such as Computer Courses, Food Processing, Fashion Technology the estimated cost is Rs.10,00,000/- per center. The total estimated cost will be Rs.2,30,00,000/-.

Setting up of Water Plants (Taruni Water Plants):

Water is a necessity for human beings and many ailments are due to consumption of impure water. Supplying of good quality water to all the needy persons is a pre requisite. At present the leading companies are getting huge profits as the production cost is to the tune of Rs.3/- per liter, where as the selling price is Rs.10/- to Rs.12/- per liter. The wide margin can be utilized for taking up empowerment activities for women.

It is proposed to set up water plants in each district and market the treated water in bottles under the brand name “Taruni”. The estimated cost per unit is Rs.20,00,000/- which includes the erection of shed or buildings, water tanks.

The recurring cost can be to the tune of Rs.5,00,000/- per plant,

The initial cost for setting up of 3 plants in each district would be Rs.20,00,000/- x 23 x 3 = Rs. 13,80,00,000/-, the recurring cost will be Rs.5,00,000/- x 23 x 3 = Rs. 3,45,00,000/-.

The marketing and distribution will be done through women groups, if necessary by obtaining autos are trucks through finance either from this Corporation or other financial institutions. In case the Corporation has to finance the autos and trucks, each plant will required 2 mini trucks and 2 autos.

The cost can be Rs.5,52,00,000/- for trucks and Rs.1,04,00,000/- for autos.

Setting up of Taruni Facility Centers:

It is proposed to set up 3000 Taruni Facility Centers, each center consists of one computer and laser printer, photo copier, fax machine, internet and telephone with STD/ISD facility.

The cost of one center works to be Rs.3,00,000/- .

The total cost will be Rs.3,00,000/- x 3000 = 90,00,00,000/-.

Taruni Foods:

It is observed that there is good scope for improving the quality of the food material which is locally prepared to have a better shelf life and which can be different categories. The small entrepreneurs can be encouraged to improve the quality and packaging by providing them with technology inputs and finance. It is estimated at each district required Rs.3,00,000/- for this purpose.

Taruni Outlets:

There are no.of tourist spots in the State of Andhra Pradesh where there is good potential for marketing the items produced by the women apart from providing other utility items such as water bottles, snacks and bakery items etc. Each outlet may cost about Rs.1,00,000/- and about 500 outlets are proposed.

The total cost comes to be Rs.5,00,00,000/-.

Taruni Garments:

The hosiery units and the ready made garments have wide market in the State as well as out side the State/out side Country also. The activity requires small changes in the technology and design and the same time this item of work provides huge employment to women.

It is proposed to train the women and also provide necessary equipment and machinery, the estimated cost per district is Rs.10,00,000/- and total cost of Rs.2,30,00,000/-.

Taruni Marketing:

It is proposed to de-link the production from the marketing activity. For this purpose marketing network has to be developed at Head Office and other centers, for developing the network the infrastructure support is needed which may cost about Rs.2,00,00,000/-.

Taruni Farms:

It is proposed to set up farm in the districts to an extant of 10,000 acres, which will be split into units of 50 acres for 20 families. In these farms it is proposed to take up dairy, horticulture, apiculture and normal tree plantations. The plantation provides long-term employment where as other activities give immediate returns. It is proposed to share 50% of the returns with the beneficiaries and after some time the beneficiaries may be changed to give opportunity to more needy persons. The farms will also be earning the benefits from the carbon credits, and will thus serve for environment improvement.

The land development and other inputs may cost about Rs.30,000/- per acre and the cost per district may be Rs.30,000/- x 10,000 = Rs.30,00,00,000/- and for 23 districts will be Rs.690,00,00,000/-.

Taruni Cold Storage

The agricultural products and food products are perishable and if there is no proper support price the farmer has to incur heavy losses, as production costs will also not be realized. It is proposed to construct about 10 cold storages in different parts of the State depending on the requirement.

Each Cold storage may cost about Rs.50,00,000/ and the ten units will cost Rs.5 crores.

Taruni Power Projects

As it is proposed to develop water plants ,resorts and commercial complexes, it is desirable to have captive power generation units instead of depending on the Diesel generators. Each Power unit is estimated cost Rs.2 crores and if one unit is kept in each district about 25 units would be required costing Rs.50 crores.

Taruni Motels :

It is found that on many stretches of national Highways or State highways there is no proper place where motorists can have tea and snacks and food. If the Taruni farm is located on the roadside the same can support the Taruni motel/dhaba by supplying poultry products, milk and vegetables. The motels should also have general and utility items for the motorists.

The cost can be nRs.3 lakhs per unit and about 100 units are proposed costing Rs.300 lakhs

Taruni Resorts:

In some of the town ships is hardly any area for recreation purposes and the up coming middle class population will be able spent some of their earning for their entertainment and relaxation. It is proposed to set up 20 such centers to be called as “Taruni Resorts”. These resorts will contain gardens, children park, shopping complex and restaurants. The unit cost for the resort estimated to be Rs.10,00,00,000/- and total costing the Rs.200,00,00,000/-.

Working Women’s Hostels (Taruni Complex):

The working women hostels have not in established in many towns and big villages, it is proposed to set up about 80 such hostels in the State with the occupancy of 50 persons in each.

In Hyderabad the call centers have come up which employ about 40,000 persons and at least 10,000 of them are girls/women. These category requires good facility for staying, good quality food and other basic amenities. The working women hostels are to be called as Taruni Complexes as each center will have working women hostel along with a shopping complex containing beauty parlor, internet and communication center, general stories, laundry, stationery and Taruni Facility Center, GYM and medical center, apart from indoor game facility. The complex will have a canteen/restaurant, which can be accessed by the inmates of the hostel as well as outsiders.

The cost of one complex is estimated to be Rs.3,00,00,000/- and total cost will be Rs.240,00,00,000/-. In the city of Hyderabad 200 room hostel is contemplated which may cost about Rs.15,00,00,000 /-.

Apart from the above efforts are being made to contact the educational institutions and other software companies regarding construction of hostel complexes to meet their requirements. The rents etc. can be paid by the employer and the construction can be recovered.

Taruni Finance:

It is proposed to sanction loans to individuals upto Rs.50,000/- for taking up their vocational activity. These members should not have received any other loans from any other organizations and also should not be part of DWCRA group. It is preferable that the beneficiary is linked to Vana Samrakshana Samithi, Sainik Welfare, Police Welfare etc. so that the loan amount can be recovered with least difficulty. The easy monthly installment is also be flexible so that the repayment in regular monthly installments.

The total outlay is proposed to be Rs.300,00,00,000/-.

Taruni ashray

This programme is intended to provide the basic humanitarian activity of providing shelter to destitutes, orphans and street children. Due to various reasons children and young persons leave their homes in search of better avenues and as they come face to face with harsh realities they seem to be lost and do not know where to go. Their ego or guilt feeling will not allow them to go back to their families. These young persons, if they are female fall prey to the ‘flesh traders’ and end up in red light areas. And the boys may become vagabonds and resort to criminal activities or other such unproductive activities.

To help such sort of children and young persons it is proposed to run the rehabilitation centers under the name Taruni Ashray(Shelter).

These centers can also cater to the needs of old age persons who have no children or relatives to look after them. The age groups from children to old age persons will also help the inmates to share the experiences and the elders can guide the young ones properly.

It is proposed to start 25 centres to start with, by establishing one center in each district.

The cost per each center can be Rs.5 lakhs and a recurring cost of Rs.2 lakhs for maintenance and food charges.

Taruni petro stations

Some petro corporations are encouraging women to venture into petro stations, by setting them up fully provided land is made available. the cost of the stations is recover in phased manner.


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